Dirty Deeds

The Merchant's Demise

After a quick scouting of the keep, the party waits until they have an opening to scale the wall, avoiding the local guards. After quickly dispatching the Guards at the front door and scaring off the local soldiers, the party made it’s way through the keep. Dispatching all the guards and finally meeting up with the merchant himself, They discover he is a magic caster and his personal bodyguard is a very skilled warrior. After a long fight the party finally managed to break the defenses of the duo and finish them off. Now, heading to collect the payment for the job, the party makes it’s way through a dense forest to the agreed upon spot, a small clearing. After receiving their payment, with a bonus for being so quick and thorough, The party and the contractors are ambushed by angry Stone Fist Assassins. Making the connection between the assassins and the “merchant” they killed, the party decided it was better to flee. The party heads north, to the mysterious Ironwind Mountains, where they have been told a man named Jonas is looking for them. After a bit of travel the party finally reached the mountains and found a small human village. Denied entry at the gates (Due to “recent events”) and warned out of the mountains, the party pushed on anyways. They soon found themselves being sealed in a small passge and surrounded by Dwarven Arbalists and Warriors. The apparent leader of the dwarven force made a deal with the party. They would be escorted to the Dwarven “King” who had requested that very strange individuals be brought to him. Now, deep in a mountain city whose name they do not know, the party waits in a small room for their meeting with this King, hoping they can find this Jonas person.



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